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Tribe info
Angbands Shadow is a Lord of the Rings creep-tribe on Eldar Evernight. We are dedicated to creepside by choice and its only in extreme rare conditions you find any of us playing freep-side in Ettenmoors.
Sauron's daily musings
Update 1.7 is here!
Freeps get some grinding (and poss store-hopping) to do for another buff and creeps get the ultimate nothing again.

A nice gesture though to make:
*All Warden bleeds can now be cured with Wound or Cry potions, as appropriate.*
However potion cooldowns will apply <:(
Start thinking where Angbands Shadow will move to.


Not much to choose anyway:

- Belegaer [DE-RP]
- Gwaihir [DE]
- Sirannon [FR]
- Laurelin [EN-RP]
- Evernight [EN]

So unless we want to go to a German or French server the only option is Laurelin and go Role-Playing (I've yet to see any Abs member role-play, except for mocking freeps) or Evernight.

Looks like Evernight holds the best cards.

Eldar as homeworld, will it remain?

To be continued, stay tuned.

June 18, 2015: The Eye rewards Bloodspill the Tyrant title

Determination is a virtue, GZ Tyrant Bloodspill, first R15 Stalker on Eldar.

September 1, 2013: The Eye rewards Blindings with the Tyrant title

Gratz Blindings for achieving R15 Weaver, one of the very rare world-wide, and also gratz to Xerxes, highest ranked pet around.